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Splash Damage: Hacking your NWZ-A72X/82X

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I had wanted to put in a thought about the Sansa Clip/Fuze (apparently, they are the darling DAP of 2008. I should get one before I even think of posting anything about them though). Instead, some splunking around the web resulted in enhancing your NWZ-A72X/82X series though this takes voiding your warranty to some degree. Ready? Good, let’s go, after the jump.  Not your cup of tea, don’t follow the jump.  Instead, read the next post about Spiralfrog.

From this particularly interesting Head-fi thread, you can tweak the DAC to gain or attenuate bass and treble output.  To do so, however, you have to enter into the test mode, which requires a bit of hutzpha and following instructions fairly carefully.  Damaged Gears is in no way responsible for you nuking your player, your music, your computer by you entering the test mode and fiddling with wrong items. 

Enter test mode by entering this sequence:

Press and Hold the “Back Button.”  Enable “hold” switch, relese back button, then while holding the menu button press: up, up, down, down, right, left, up , down, up ,down, right, play/pause

If you did it right, unit will shut off, and it will complain about the Hold being on.  Turn off Hold and you’ll get a Color Bar test screen.  Press any button to access “MPTAPP MENU.”

Press down until you highlight DAC.  Press Left and you will highlight B-GAIN and T-GAIN functions (accessible via UP/DOWN).  Press Play to enter the respective screen.  You then get what is basically a very primitive Gain function Screen, where you can set one frequency to change the gain settings on a desired Treble or Bass frequency.   Change as desired, hit play to save. 

Hit down twice to EXITTEST, press Play/Pause twice to save, shutdown.  On the next bootup of the player, it may take a bit, but you will have your DAP with new settings.  Badabing. 

However, testing those fuctions on my unit was…  inconclusive, in that I’m sure it worked but not sure to what degree.  It works well with EQ settings, Clear Bass, etc.  If anything you are now able to tame the bright trebles (though I like them fine, thanks you) and increase the bass a bit more-I’d imagine this would play well with bass friendly phones.  With Shure E4Cs, there was noticable bass improvements, though not as noticable on the bass shy E3Cs.

There you go.  Nuke your warranty for even more SQ out of your Sony NWZ series, from 6XX series to 8XX series, though the newest 63X/73X has a different way of entering the Test mode, not yet discovered.


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12/7/08 at 10:30 pm

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