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Splash Damage: Grave Spinning as Power Source

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Oh dear my, oh dear me.  If people spinning grave could be tapped as a source of power, I’d imagine that Mr Miles Davis’ grave would generate enough to power the entire city of Los Angeles…

Here then, are a set of Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers.  Admittedly a decent set of cans on their own, they’ve gone and jazzified that up a bit with gold and brass trim, and other things so that there would be legit excuse to charge US$499 (MSRP) along with a modest $100 on-line discount (gees, thanks Monster!).

According to this article, they are OK’d by the Davis family and comes with the endorsement of the estate.  Also, they include some magical Monster Mojo to make older recordings sound lush and full.

Nice to know that the likeness of Mr. Davis will be on a set on a good sounding but overpriced set of Monster products.  Like I said, if this trend continues, we can go ahead and tap the spinning graves of celebs and musicians whose images will grace these products to power the nation.  Huzzah.

On a different note, I’ve migrated most of the materials on Damaged Gears to (http://www.damagedgears.net), which you can visit.  Nothing new there yet, but that will change eventually.


Written by Damage

10/21/09 at 7:12 pm

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