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Damage vs. MicroHD, Q2, NWZ-E345

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It’s been awhile.  The SRH840 Splash Damage was brewing for about the last two months, and I just got around to writing my thoughts about them.  Safe to say, they are one of the best Closed Phones Damage’s had the pleasure of using.

And then, there are the JVC MicroHD (HA-FXC50).  They retail for $40, can be had as cheap as $10, and by far, the hidden gems of 2010 as far as Damage is concerned.  They use a different type of driver configuration vs. most other Canal-Buds.  They are, make no mistake, dynamic driver based (not armature driven).  The drivers sit where the buds/sleeves terminate and sit closer to your ears than other Dynamic driver IEMs/Buds.  Therefore, they sound more intimate than other earbuds want.  Like most balanced armature based IEMs.

Then there are the build quality of these drivers.  Metal casings on the outside, silicon air cushions on the inside, small driver housings, and sleeves that are bigger but still comfortable.  Now, all of these are moot if they sound like the Maxwell Peanuts. They don’t.  In fact, they sound much closer to Triple.Fi 10s.  How close?  How about 85% of  Triple.Fis?

Well, it doesn’t have the staging or the balance of the Triple.Fis.  And you shouldn’t expect them to, either.  However, they sound energetic, bassy when it needs to be and bright (very much so that they border on harshness) when the need to.  Punch at times, but mellow when they need to be.  They are excellent performers for all genres.  In fact, listening to these on the Chesky’s Demo CD was a pure pleasure, only failing on depth and holographic testing like many other IEMs have done in the past.

$10-$30.  And you get 85% of quality of $400 IEMs.

Grade: A

AS for my very brief thoughts on Samsung Q2: I miss my buttons.  And the NWZ-E345?  16 Gigs for $70?  Sold.  I do miss some of the high end features like MSC transfer ability, but you know what?  It’s still 16 Gigs of Music for $70.  I can’t argue with that.  Expect a full review on those soon.


Written by Damage

06/17/10 at 10:31 pm

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