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Splash Damage: Shure SRH840

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OK.  With work comes new opportunities.  One of these opportunities grants me to review headphones.  And recently, I was invited to try out the Shure SRH840, the top of the line Shure Closed Monitors.  Damage, of course, bit.  And for you, a Splash Damage on the Shure SRH840.

A disclosure:  I am a big fan of Sony MDR-V6/7506.  With few exceptions, I have not found any closed set of headphones that comes nearly close to the V6s.  Until now, that is.

It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to these, but they are hands down, one of the best Closed Set of Headphones/Over the Ear (Circumaural if you want to get fancy) Monitors.  The general, well balanced but slightly dark and a bit bass shy sound signature of the Shure set is well present.  That is, it’s very close to the sounds of the Shure SCL4/E4s of yore.  However, as is, the sound stage of these are larger than IEMs.  Whereas the V6s mostly keep things on a single, 2D plane (which isn’t bad), the SRH840s seems to have more dimensionality to them, with a bit of Up and Down definition.  It also has its bright moments like V6s, but isn’t as nearly bright nor sibilant as the V6s.

Will the Shure SRH840 dethrone the legend of V6s?  Probably do a degree, but there are a lot of engineers and music lovers who swear by the V6s, and for good reasons.  It makes well mixed and recorded materials shine; equally, it makes shoddy recordings sound even more so shoddy.  SRHs, on the other hand, seems to be a bit more forgiving on this aspect.

Nonetheless, the Shure SRH840s have the quality (both build and sound) to make it a worthy contender to the V6s.

Grade: A+


Written by Damage

06/17/10 at 10:18 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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