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Damage vs. Ancient History

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Or, Damage finds and reviews a Sony MDR-E484.The Walkman in Contrast with Ancient History
That’s right. Damage has found a working specimen of MDR-E484. A quick Google search tells you that these date back to at least 2004 and earlier. Good luck actually finding one though, they’ve been discontinued.

Hell, a recent eBay auction of a used pair shows that these sold for $300. You know what you can get for that kind of money? A 3/4th of an iPad. That’s what. And are they worth that kind of Money?

If you can blow it, sure. It’s a curious and interesting find. I think they sound no worse than MDR-E888, probably a bit smoother and more balanced E888 if I had to give my first impression on these. But they do bear one point, that some of these older gears are much better than newer stuff on the market.


Written by Damage

08/24/10 at 10:40 pm

Posted in Soapbox

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