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Damage vs. A Micro Shelf System

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In question: CMT-MT500i from Sony.  It sounds really good.  It charges my iDevice (of which I have two, an ye olde iPhone 3G, and iTouch 2G) but doesn’t like the ye olde iTouch.  Not a big deal.  It plays MP3CDs and CDs.  It sounds really good.  Heck, it can even stream audio output from my PC to the speakers with a simple 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable.

One hitch.  There’s no headphone out on this thing.  As a big headphone user…  I’m torn.  All in all, it sounds better than any $150 Stereo System has any right to sound.  It’s dead simple to use.  But the lack of headphone out is… questionable to say the least.  Well, considering that some of the cans I’ve in my possession costs more than this system, I suppose it’s something that I could look over easily.

But then again…  It’s a $0.25 part, with $0.25 to solder that in.  Hell, the European model even throws in a USB port for direct USB Playback.  WTF, Sony?  Almost, but not quite.

Grade: D (function wise), B (audio)


Written by Damage

07/5/11 at 7:48 pm

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