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Splash Damage: Time to Void Warranties Again.

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This time, with NWZ-E35x series of players. Last time I offered such hijinks, it was a life time ago for a different line of players. The idea is the same, you’re fiddling around for B-Gain (Bass Gain) and T-Gain (Treble Gain), which becomes a very simple parametric equalizer of sorts (or is that paragraphic?). Again, I’m not responsible for what happens to your NWZ-E35x series of players should you fiddle the wrong bits and pieces. You’ve been warned, and actual voiding method after the jump.

Are we here?  Good.

The “Konami Code” to enter the test mode has change to this sequence:

Press [Back] Button for about 3 seconds, until you’re at the home page.  Once there, engage the Hold Mode by sliding the Hold switch up, then enter the following key sequence:


If you did it right, you should get 30 mens to the Test Option.  It’s then the same deal of fiddling around your B-Gain and T-Gain to your tastes.  When you’re done, go to EXITTEST, press PLAY to get out and save settings.

Again, this will most likely void warranties, but considering that this is being replaced by NWZ-E46x series, this shouldn’t really matter much, I suppose.

Bonus: http://averbouch.biz/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/NWZ-E353.pdf


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09/5/11 at 4:05 pm

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