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 1-15-08: This page needs revision, or rather, a total erasure, since I no longer follow the procedurals.  I don’t cover all of the genres listed here, but a eclectic selection of music, to say whatever I felt like listening to at the moment, is still being used.  Emphasis is still heavy on the soundtrack side of things, as they tend to cover the entire gamut rather well.  However, as necessary, random tracks of Rock or Hip Hop or even industrial will be applied as needed.

Gear of choice: NWZ-S615F, Sansa E140

The basic reviews here follows the procedures that I’ve laid down here. In part, they give me a way to compare apples and oranges and pineapples on “equal footing.” That is, the gears that I review will play certain songs on certain units on certain headphones. Hopefully, this will give each unit a fair shakedown, for mine and your edification.

The playlist here represents various genres of music to a degree. I’ve also picked songs that I’m fairly familiar with, so that I know what to look for and what to look out against when I’m listening them critically. Also, they’re chosen so that the reviewer, me, won’t get bored with the selection and throw the units against the wall…

  • Castlevania: Symphony in the Moonlight OST: Tracks here represents good sampling of many genre’s, including Baroque-ish, Heavy Metal, Jazz, and Soft Rock/Pop.
  • U2-The Best of 1980-1990 and 1990-2000: All politicking aside, they represent alternative rock/punk/and to some degree, some techno/synth.
  • R.E.M.-Eponymous: Tracks here represent Rock and blending of Folk/Country music.
  • Phantasy Star Online OST: Tracks here represent gaming and some synth/techno.
  • Duran Duran: AKA, the “Wedding Album” represents synth/Pop-Rock Genre
  • Yonekura Chihiro: Best of Chihirox: Some smattering of JPOP tracks since lots of folks are interested in this genre. Unless otherwise specified, this album will represent JPOP/Rock
  • The playlist will grow or shrink depending on time and mood, and if you’ve suggestions, please feel free to leave them on the comments. Undoubtly, as you’ve noticed by now, there’s a dearth of good RnB/Rap genre. Partly, I really don’t care for the genre, and partly, I’ve not bought a new CD in almost a year’s time. Again, I’m looking for good suggestions here as well.

Playback Unit
These units will represent the units that I’ll test the headphones with. As with the playlist, they are chosen on a whim, but do have rhyme/reason why I’ve chose them.


Depending on the unit that I review, I may use some or all of the headphones listed below. They’re broken down into several segments, from the dirt cheap earbuds to the “semi-audiophile” Grado SR-60s. However, all units will get a shakedown in the V6s, as they are more or less considered studio grade phones. There’s got to be some sort of a final standard, and lacking anything else, the V6s will be it.

  • Sony MDR-V6
  • Sony MDR-XD200
  • Sony MDR-EX90
  • Shure E4

Finally, all headphones being reviewed will be burned in for about 24-48 hours, though I’ll certainly note out of box experience if applicable. This doesn’t apply to any post mortem reviews that I’ll do however.


Written by Damage

11/26/05 at 7:46 pm

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